The discipline of artificial intelligence
creates cognitive inspired software.

CogSoft® is an engineering collective designed to help you discover reliable artificial intelligence strategies. Most all transformation journeys hit a wall when contemplating how to organize and execute cognitive software projects, i.e. stronger artificial intelligence. We give you the best insights from our family of companies and our decades of software engineering experience. Our members consist of award winning engineering tools, experienced integration & systems engineers, and senior project leadership to deliver software dreams. 

CogSoft®Alliance Our companies own proprietary artificial intelligence tools (IP), supply senior U.S. and U.K.-based engineering talent to configure tools, and train your teams. Two of our companies have been in business for over thirty years. We represent innovation investments in excess of a half billion dollars.

CogSoft®Services We guide partnerships working on behalf of potential customers. Our family empowers us to work with you to create joint partnerships. We are skilled in use case due diligence, concept development, proposal writing, project planning, systems scoping, expectation setting, systems requirements, and other deal flow services.   

Our alliance brings together a family of companies to help enterprise teams apply artificial intelligence techniques to difficult challenges.

Our family leads the artificial intelligence market in explainable, auditable, and traceable results for a level of trust that satisfies ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns. Applying artificial intelligence techniques results in cognitive inspired software systems – based on human factors.

There is no single environment to build the most powerful cognitive software systems, that is why we encourage our alliance partners to innovate with customers for specific industry tool requirements. Let us help your team prepare and execute the best artificial intelligence techniques with the best tools. 


CogSoft® customers enjoy data-oriented solutions where their teams seek advanced search, co-occurrence analysis, accurate pattern matching, and event probabilities. However, we also extract information from text sources using foundations of language processing and even create text from data – sometimes referred to as ‘natural language generation’.

Our team also engineers behavioral-oriented concepts allowing software to  conduct deep analysis for things like, patient outcomes, consumer habits, corporate intelligence, strategic planning, and real-time audience discovery. 

Complex mathematical processes or complex logic often results in cognitive inspired software delivered as a custom platform (SaaS) or integrated middleware application. Contact us to learn more about how we elevate business productivity.