Artificial Intelligence Leaders.

Deep analysis and critical decisions need human authority.

Ai Conversations

Engineers do not always know what businesses require, we jump start conversations by listening & discovering.

Ai Explainability

Explaining what happens inside software is a challenge, assurance and trust are important mechanisms for stability.

Ai Experience

The disruption to business processes and personnel need steady hands to guide a transformation journey.

Data Focus

We utilize Neural Networks including all variants such as Machine Learning or Deep Learning. These techniques are cognitive inspired and are based on mathematical (implicit) techniques.

  • Identifying Data (images)
  • Matching Data 
  • Counting Data 
  • Searching Data  

Behavior Focus

We engineer representations of human thinking, human tasks, or domain concepts, often described as rules or knowledge (explicit), which can be compiled or interpreted as software code. 

  • Functional Models
  • Rule Models
  • Ontology Graphs
  • Knowledge Graphs 

Research Focus

These types of systems are not suitable for important business functions at this time. There exists numerous opportunities to further research or discover new use cases. 

  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Neuro Evolutionary 

Systems Focus

We implement graph engines. These are tightly bound microservices  designed to read, process, or manipulate software models. Attempts to mimic functional neuroscience create the most valuable systems.

  • Recommendation Engines
  • Decision Engines
  • Case-Based Engines
  • Cognitive Engines